XRay Mass Attenuation Coefficient from NIST database replotted

There is a nice database provided by NIST which shows the mass attenuation coefficients for different elements. Nevertheless, the plots have kind of an outdated flavor and do not really show the edges nicely. I reran the plotting for all elements and uploaded the plots below.

An example plot is shown below, the other images are linked below to avoid transferring the entire image stack when loading this page. To access them just click on the element you are interested in.


One thought on “XRay Mass Attenuation Coefficient from NIST database replotted

  1. Hallo Herr Dr. Hofmann,

    habe Sie eventuell noch einmal etwas Zeit, um sich das Seichern von NIFTI-Daten im CLAHE3D-Projekt anzuschauen? Die erzeugten Dateien sind leider nicht lesbar…

    Viele Grüße und einen schönen 3. Advent

    Markus Mertens

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