XRay Mass Attenuation Coefficient from NIST database replotted

There is a nice database provided by NIST which shows the mass attenuation coefficients for different elements. Nevertheless, the plots have kind of an outdated flavor and do not really show the edges nicely. I reran the plotting for all elements and uploaded the plots below.

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New OWIS PS10 MATLAB interfacing class

I created another wrapper to fuse a stage controlling library into the object-oriented framework of the acoustic resolution optoacoustic microscope I am currently developing. The stage is built by OWIS and in the end a standard linear positioning system driven by a stepper motor and a spindle drive (I am using version PS10). The interfacing is based on OWISoft which requires a login to download the software.

The interfacing code for a convenient handling of stage position, homing, velocity, acceleration, connecting, enabling etc. through MATLAB is available at github.

Must have Linux workstation tools

This list contains the most important tools which I use on a daily basis in Linux and which took me a while to discover (needless to mention Firefox, GIMP, or Inkscape because they show up in every top 10 linux software list). For now I just start with the ones I have in mind right now. And of course, this list does not contain the right thing for everybody but maybe there are some parts which are worth trying?

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Windows shuts down network adapter making it unusable for Linux

Windows power saving option for network adapter might disable it for your Linux distribution in dual boot setups.

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