New MATLAB interfacing class for motorized stage DRV250

Interfacing class to control stage from MATLAB.

I wrote a new interfacing class to control the motorized 50 mm travel stage `LNR502` or `LNR502/M` from Thorlabs directly from `MATLAB`. The object oriented approach of handling the class allows the user to intuitively control settings like position, velocity, and acceleration directly through a single object. The class should be easily adaptable for other stepper motor driven stages made by Thorlabs. The .NET interface provided with the Kinesis software bundle allows a straightforward implementation into custom programs. Writing the whole interface took half a day and I am quite happy with the result. You can find the code on [github]( Feel free to contact me if you have feature requests or if you tested it with a different stepper motor driven linear stage. I also have classes for other stage types based on different .NET classes: * [Stage_Thorlabs_DRV250]( * [Stage_Thorlabs_MTS50]( * [Stage_Thorlabs_DDSM50]( * [Stage_Thorlabs_MLJ150]( credit for this one goes to Johannes ## Links * [github]( * [Stage LNR502/M]( * [Stage LNR502/M Manual]( * [Benchtop Stepper Controller](

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